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creating lasting and sustainable solutions to poverty, hunger and social injustice

what we do

The Manna Community Kitchen understands food and believes in its catalytic properties.  Food is a force that needs to be utilised more effectively, ethically and creatively, particularly where food waste is concerned.  Each year in the UK alone, over 18 million tonnes of food ends up in landfills – the Manna Community Kitchen strives to change this.  Our vision is simple.  We round up, redistribute, reallocate and recycle food; therefore making it readily available for those who need it most.


Our solutions to global hunger start locally.  They are comprehensive, context specific, needs based and implemented through direct community participation.  The Manna Community Kitchen utilises all resources available and relies on the involvement of community volunteers and local, skilled professionals.


As well as eliminating waste, this project provides a community hub which, in a challenging and often alienating economic climate, will bring people together.  This project is a step above the traditional food bank model in that we do not provide handouts but instead focus on skills training, technical workshops, mentoring programmes and outreach work.


In order to tackle the underlying causes of hunger, we address a range of social, political, organisational and structural concerns.  To ensure long term success, the Manna Community Kitchen guarantees that all programmes are sustainable without the aid of external and third parties.  By partnering with local and national systems, we endeavor to turn short term initiatives into long-term, sustainable solutions.


 Long term success depends on the building of strategic partnerships to manage and maintain our programmes. This is achieved through training, technical workshops, and mentoring schemes.