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manna community kitchen in peru


This summer, Manna Community Kitchen will be travelling to Peru to study 'los comedores populares', the Peruvian equivalent of community kitchens.

Los comedores populares began in Lima in the 1960s/ 70s as a clubbing together of the urban poor and rural migrants, with volunteers buying food in bulk, and preparing meals as a group, to feed the community.


While los comedores populares essentially started as a survival strategy, these community kitchens have continued to be a staple of the Peruvian urban landscape; surviving dictatorships, terrorism, economic downturn and hyperinflation.  Today, in Lima alone, over half a million residents continue to use los comedores populares on a regular basis.


Peru has the most comprehensive network of community kitchens in the world.  This is something that Manna Community Kitchen can learn extensively from, gaining a better practical understanding of the history, context, challenges and strategies of the original community kitchen movement and how this can be applied in the UK today.

Manna Community Kitchen will carry out groundbreaking research into urban food poverty.  This research will culminate in the production of a report which, we anticipate, will redefine how we address food poverty in the UK and finally provide the tacit evidence necessary for the long overdue push from our ongoing overreliance on the foodbank model.